Although being pregnant is a piece of happy news to women, many of you do not want to expose the matter to anyone yet and keep this private. Therefore, you would prefer to avoid visiting the doctor to confirm your pregnancy and test it at home instead.

Listed below are some methods used in the past to test pregnancy at home by making use of natural ingredients and traditional medicinal techniques. You can make use of these methods at home too, if you want to be private about your pregnancy for some time or if the pregnancy was unplanned.

Salt test

An easy way to test your pregnancy at home is to make use of salt that can be easily obtained from your kitchen. All you need is a glass, a pinch of salt, and a sample of your urine collected in the morning.

You can mix the salt with the urine sample in the glass and wait for three minutes. If you notice the formation of creamy white lumps after mixing, it means you are pregnant. If you do not notice any reaction as such, then you are not pregnant.

Sugar test

Sugar is also another substance like salt that is easily accessible from your kitchen. To test your pregnancy using sugar, you will need a bowl, a tablespoon of sugar, and your urine sample collected in the morning as soon as you wake up.

After mixing the urine and sugar in the bowl, if you notice the sugar forming lumps then you are pregnant. If the sugar dissolves in urine without a lump, then you are not pregnant.

Pregnancy strip

This is not a natural method of testing pregnancy. However, you can buy pregnancy test strip and confirm your pregnancy at home privately and accurately.

If only a single line appears after testing with your test strip, you are not pregnant. On the other hand, if you notice two lines, it is positive indicating you are pregnant.

To make sure that no one notices the strip after you have used it, throw it away in a manner that it does not reach anyone’s eyes.

Toothpaste test

It may sound bizarre, but you can use toothpaste which is also easily available in your household to be able to check your pregnancy at home. You will once again need a urine sample collected in the morning and some toothpaste to mix in a bowl.

If you notice a reaction as well as notice that the toothpaste has turned blue and frothy, it is an indication of your pregnancy. If no reaction is observed, you are not pregnant.

Bleaching powder test

Using bleaching powder is an easy method as well to check your pregnancy. To proceed, you need some of your urine from the day, bleaching powder, and a bowl to mix the two.

If a bubble and froth formation with a lot of frizzes is observed, you are pregnant. If not, you are not pregnant.

Vinegar test

To test pregnancy using vinegar, you can opt to use white vinegar available in stores, or even found in your kitchen. Then, you can use your urine sample collected in the morning and mix vinegar with it.

You will notice a colour change if you are pregnant, or no colour change if you are not pregnant.

The above-mentioned methods are some natural ways of testing pregnancy at home.