In recent years there have been seen a rise in different approaches methods in ways people seek to attain mental health and physical wellbeing. Many people especially in the western countries have now accepted and embraced the oriental ways to keep their health in check. It is not only that they found these methods effective it also implies that not all common methods we have practiced and adhere to are not the only ways to stay healthy and fit.

There are still many unorthodox methods in healthcare that might raise some eyebrows in modern culture but actually works, it just needs some prodding for proof in modern day studies and researches. Although many of these methods are already in mainstream culture, these are some of oriental methods


One of the first to be embraced by many people, yoga. It was actually quite becoming a hit not only because of its affectivity in one’s physical state, but one thing that made it very well-accepted is that people were very ready for it because of its status as an activity done mostly by affluent rich people. But now it becomes almost an activity for everybody from all walks of life. Yoga is pretty much very effective especially in keeping the body conditioned and in battling anxiety in many people.


Although this method is frowned upon by many, acupuncture has been scientifically proven to have positive benefits physically and also there are data that suggests that it creates a feeling of being relaxed in an almost extreme state which creates a reverberating feeling of calm and relaxed composure for many days after the session.

It is also reported to have benefits with fertility, IVF acupuncture services in Sydney’s CBD are one of the leading acupuncture therapy Centre in the country. Trying one thing that is new does not take away anything from anyone, thus it is always safe to try a certain method especially if it can offer a benefit for the person.


One of the best ways to be relax and take away the stress and anxiety from work or any personal problem or issue is through going in a spa. There are different spas around that has catered for different personal needs among their clients. One of the most basic forms of spa that came from the orient was a place where one can commune or bond with nature, thus most spa centres have an atmosphere that resembles that of nature such as the sound of relaxing running water, dim lights, and aromatic natural scent.

In spa centres people are treated with care such as a massage session and even meditation and yoga. For those who have tried it, they have reported a higher sense of value for themselves, prolonged relaxed state of mind and psychological rejuvenation.

Across time it has been proven that there is no single way to achieve a better state of physical and mental wellbeing, one has to know what is good for them what makes them feel good and better and go for that which is beneficial for them.