We all go through ups and downs in life, one minute we can be up in the clouds soaring high above and then other times getting out of bed is difficult. The same applies to our romantic relationships. Whether you have been together for years or just getting out of the honeymoon phase there are things that will always test how strong a relationship is.

While some couples are able to sit down and discuss through their various issues, other couples need a bit of help opening up. There are times when an external party is almost a necessity to help couples sort through their differences. Whenever you feel like something cannot be solved between yourselves it is important to seek outside, professional help. Therefore, here is a list of reasons when counselling can help a relationship.

Communication problems

This is by far the most common reason couples who are dating and even married need help with. Unlike discussing within themselves, couples tend to be pushed to open up better when an external party probes them. The use of social media and texting has stunted many couple’s ability to talk face to face and is one of the main reasons’ communication has become difficult.

People tend to turn to friends and the Internet to solve their problems instead of the person they are with. Counselling forces people to confront issues in a healthy balanced environment. If you are looking for a place that offers marriage and couples counselling across Perth, there are many institutes that you can search for online.

Blended relationships

Love has no bounds; we fall in love with many types of people, as it is not something we can control.However, when the honeymoon phase fades and reality checks in that is when the problems can start. While it is common to everyone, blended or mixed-race relationships can face this more severely.

Traditions, beliefs and difference in opinions may cause rifts and misunderstandings between not only the couples but also with extended families and parties. Counselling can help identify the root causes and how to man oeuvre through them effectively. It will also help to identify if having continuous conflict is of purpose in the long run. While it is hard to let go of things, counselling is an effective way to practically acknowledge if the differences can be solved or not.

Broken trust

No relationship can operate smoothly without trust; it is the most basic foundation for any relationship to work. Insecurities are born due to many reasons, infidelity, low self-esteem or repeated patterns. Counselling can help to identify the key problems and build trust between partners especially if it has been broken before. This is a rather slow road but nothing is impossible


 It is all fun and games until finances have to shared. Couples who are dating will not face this issue unlike married couples. It is important to be taught on how to manage finances once the knot is tied.